Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Getting right to the prompts this week:

1.  Happiness

The color yellow is considered to be a happy color and when someone surprises you with flowers that brings lots of happiness.

2.  Spring in black and white

Mostly everything is still in black and white around here but a hint of spring is in the air.  I had to go a distance to find something blooming.

3.  Faith

This the the outside of the Church which stands just yards from the site of the horrific scene in Boston this past week.  Truly a symbol of faith.

4.  Fuzzy

5.  Provide

Boats used by fishermen to provide us with food.

That's it for this week's hunt.  Please stop by Scavenger Hunt Sunday to visit the other participants.


  1. Great minds think alike I guess with the tulips. I love the fishing boats, we don't have too many commercial fishing boats here in Oklahoma.

  2. Yellow tulips are yummy! Met over at Kim's Beyond Beyond class!

  3. Those fishing boats are beautiful framed by the vibrant blue water and sky.

  4. Beautiful shots! I love them all, but seriously, spring black and white doesn't cut it for me...after so many gray days where I live I want color in spring!!

  5. Great scenes and that sleeping sheep is precious. The beginning of spring blooms for you.

  6. Fuzzy is my fave this week-and you're right, yellow is so cheerful and warming. Guess what-I took went with fisherman as providing. Great minds.

  7. Some very fine choices for this week's words - stunning boat shot.

  8. Love your spring and fuzzy pics! But they are all wonderful. I have seen that church in Boston. It is beautiful!

  9. yellow... getting ready to select a shade of yellow (with a touch of brown) for my living room walls. Your boat shot is stunning - I'm making note of the idea to include blue on 3/4 of the major subject (boats) for a greater visual impact. Very nice.

  10. We went to a huge garden store yesterday where my beloved bought me a 4' hybiscus because it's getting downright depressing here! More snow/sleet falling now. It was sunny and warm in the greenhouse; now we're back to gloom, sun about once every four days!

  11. Yellow is a cheery color and flower do make me smile.
    Fuzzy - What a sweet shot.
    Gathering - Loving the colors in this pleasant scene.