Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's been a long time coming but I think Spring may finally be here.  Yesterday was one of those days which brought everyone out.  A lot of people  were walking on the beach and that just happens to be the first prompt in this week's hunt.

1.  Walking

2.  Yummy

First I looked in my fridge for something yummy.  Nothing there.  So off to the bakery.  Oh, the things I do for this hunt.

So much to choose from but this had fruit on it so that must mean it's good for you.

3.  Favorite Toy

It was hard to choose a favorite since I do love my camera.  But the iPad  is a great toy.  You can play all kinds of games, take pictures, read a book, chat with a friend, and get any question answered . 

4.  What I Did This Week -  pretty much the usual stuff -  laundry, dusting, cook and clean.  It's not a glamorous life.  I did take a trip to the market.

5.  Anything - 

More signs of spring.  It feels good to see color coming back in the area.  it was like a color explosion overnight.

Come on over to Scavenger Hunt Sunday and see what others have found this week.


  1. Spring is here. Let's not jinx it by thinking so. You went to the bakery just for the hunt? That is dedication-looks like it was a terribly difficult sacrifice ; )

  2. Wait - What? laundry, dusting, cooking and cleaning is not glamorous? Woes me, I've been told for years by my husband and kids that I live the life. My son even asked me one day what it must be like to watch this History Channel all day after I finish my work. (fed him spinach for dinner that night just for good cause). I am glad Spring has finally make its appearance. Great group of shots for the hunt.

  3. Thanks for yummy...not only do I want to go a bakery today...but it's a great shot!

  4. I don't have an Ipad but in addition to all the stuff you listed it is also a camera. It does look kind of funny though when people are putting it up to take photos. Also, it continually amazes me that stores let people take pics of their produce and flowers and don't charge. I love pics like yours. And of course the spring flowers are glorious after a long winter.

  5. I almost took a pic of my i-Pad mini... the fruits & vegies look mighty tasty - did you take them at a Farmer's Market? OH, that bakery item looks soooo yummy! think I better get some breakfast. Have a fabulous week.

  6. Stephanie,

    We have had a taste of spring this week too! Love the flowers you shared.

    Sometimes I feel like my name was changed to Cinderella and no one told me. I agree, some days are not so glamorous. I like to think when I get caught up on laundry, dusting, cooking and cleaning and the Hubby doesn't need me outside I can to fun things for me.

  7. Knowing what might be at the bakery, I don't know if I would have bothered to look in the frige first. Nice photo set.

  8. Well, the post is pretty but you had me as the bouquet of sharpened pencils! Do you know what movie that line is from?

  9. Wonderful post. I know it's tough to sacrifice for the hunt sometimes but that dessert looks well worth it!
    Gorgeous pictures of the daffodils. That last one is just stunning.