Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 Friday


My favorite table at the flea market is the one that features items under one dollar.    I found this sugar bowl there and couldn't resist.  I think it was the graceful curve of the arms and the shape of the bowl.

It's funny the things that pop into your head.  It reminded me of a little game we played as kids.  It went "Bore a hole, bore a hole, right through the sugar bowl".   What does that even mean?  We were easily amused as kids back then.  No video games or iPhones  to amuse us.


I've been thinking about getting a KitchenAid mixer.  I don't know why -  I hardly ever  bake.  I  think if I got one I would bake more .  In the meantime while I think about it these egg beaters I found at the flea will do the trick  -  just like grandma used.


You'll never know what will pop up in our backyard yard.  These guys have become frequent visitors.  They usually show up around dinnertime.

It may look like I live in a wooded area but it's a pretty well populated area on a marsh near the beach.


One of the things I love most about blogging is that you learn so much from from your blogging friends.  I never would have discovered Waterlogue  on my own and now I want to use it on all my photos.


I've been finding surprises in my mail box .  The postcards from Liberate Your Art have all come in.  Those will be shared  with you next week.

That wraps up another week .  Time to visit Nancy at Random 5 Friday and Kim ay Friday Finds.

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  1. I love your sugar bowl and your waterlogue pics!

  2. Oh my...that egg beater sooooo reminds me of being a kid and making scrambled eggs! I need to find one of those now :)

  3. Having deer come into your yard and getting photos is so fun to see. Love your antiques, and I love Waterlogue too. Love your photos.

  4. Stephanie,
    Cute sugar bowl. Spending time at a flea market sounds fun to me. Treasures awaiting.

    We got a Kitchen Aid mixer for a wedding gift; I love it. My Mom has egg beaters like the ones in your photo. Dad used them to make french toast when I was a kid. I like your picture and the b & w edit is good.

    Your waterlogued purple cone flower is awesome! I have not tried this edit yet, but see it is catching fire.

  5. Your sugar bowl was a great find. I have a kitchen aid mixer -- you would love it. I still have my old fashioned egg beaters. I like your furry dinner companions! Waterlogue looks like fun. Happy Friday!

  6. I was just looking at one of the old egg beaters this week and I love them especially in your image, don't they make for great props? Love your Waterlogue images.

  7. We use to play 'Don't Break The Sugar Bowl'. The first person to talk or make a noise 'broke' the sugar bowl and lost. I think a parent must have come up with that game.:)
    I love the dollar table at flea markets too, so many good props.

  8. wow, how great this waterlogue, never heart of it. I have to google it ☺ Love the deer photo's! Have a great weekend, greetings from Janine ( germany)

  9. Oh, you will love the KitchenAid! Sweet deer shots. I love Waterlogue !

  10. I have a weakness for all things found and re-purposed - so I love your little sugar dish - the perfect holder for just about anything. Your picture of the eggs and old-fashioned egg beater brought back sweet memories of my grandmother and her baking. Lovely photos - thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Wonderful post. - The sugar bowl is lovely. You are right we sure played different things when we were kids. I had never heard that one though.
    I want a Kitchen Aid Mixer too. The one I have now isn't a Kitchen Aid and the cord has been taped because it had a short in it. Needless to say I need a new one. I have one of those hand beaters, way to hard on the wrists now.
    Love, Love, Love your deer photo. At least all your deer were real!
    I so want to use Waterlogue but don't have a phone with that capability. I wish they had an app for editing photos like that on the computer. I'd be in heaven. Love your pretty flower shot.

  12. i love my kitchen aid - it was a wedding gift. i love it ... it does go through times where i don't use it much. but then holidays & birthdays it is going like crazy. tons when it's Christmas time ... it probably gets way exhausted. & enjoys the break away. ha. ha!! they are pricey -- but over time it is so worth the bills. ( :

  13. Love your find , and I still use a hand beater !

  14. love that hand beater and your b&w photo is perfect..... .... but I do gotta say my kitchen aide is awesome.... makes baking anything so quick and easy..... and they are picture perfect. :)
    wonderful waterlogged.....

    thank you for linking up with Friday Finds.... xo

  15. That last photo is really fun! The sugar bowl is sweet.

    1. Ha, sweet! As I hit publish I got my not intended pun. :)

  16. I have one of those old egg beaters, too and I have a Kitchenaide mixer. In between times I had a hand-held mixer and it was used to death!! Literally. I baked cakes for birthdays and weddings for the public and it was that hand-held mixer that did it all. When I quit doing cakes for others I got the Kitchenaide. Go figure.

  17. Love, love, love my Kitchen Aid Mixer! Where you live looks very beautiful. Yes, Waterlogue is very addicting.

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