Monday, October 7, 2013

Seeing the Details

Seeing by drawing was the assignment in the Find Your Eye class I have been taking.  We were asked to draw an object before taking a photograph of it.  When you draw an object you become intimate with the details of it.  This changes the way you see the object and your photographs will capture that change too.
If we were to be graded on this assignment I'm afraid I would  get a failing grade.  Drawing never has been my thing.   I skipped over that assignment. 
However,  I did discover the artistic effects in Photoshop and  I could spend hours playing with those.  A so-so photograph can be improved by turning it into a watercolor.  I was going to delete this photograph but when I ran it through the artistic effects I rather liked it.

So then I had to try more. 
The photograph


Add the effects

And now you know why my laundry didn't get done that day.

Visiting with Nancy for Tuesday Muse.

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