Friday, September 6, 2013

A Simpler Time

On a recent trip to Nova Scotia we visited Sherbrooke Village, a village typical of life in the 19th century.  Life was a lot simpler then.  We stopped in the village jail and I asked what types of crimes were committed then to warrant imprisonment.  Basically it was petty theft and drunkenness. 

You can identify the pharmacy by a glass container filled with a colored liquid hanging in the window.  This one had a beautiful red container in the window.

Looking in the container you can see a reflection of the building across the street and it is upside down. 

The building reflected is the Greewood Cottage, built in 1871.  It is rather grand for a cottage but its style reflects the social position and means of its owners.  It was called a cottage because of the gingerbread trim on the eaves.

Visiting today with Kim at Friday Finds.


School started this week in our town and this made me think back to my school days.

1.  There were 47 kids in my elementary school.  We pretty much went from Kindergarten through grade 8 in the same school with the same 47 kids.  Everyone was well behaved .  We celebrated every holiday and the moms brought cupcakes on birthdays.  Life was still simple then.

2.  There were no school busses and we all walked to and from school.  There was no playground but at lunchtime the city blocked off the street behind the school so we could have recess.  We played Dodge Ball with a vengeance and there were no injuries.  Jump rope was a favorite of mine.

3.  I became a teacher.  After 3 years our school burned to the ground.  I still remember that night.  We all watched it burn.  The fire was set by a 4th grader.    I wonder where he is now.

4.  After the fire we were bussed to another school in the city.  It was the same school my parents attended.  It was a huge building, taking up an entire city block and at one time was in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest school east of the Mississippi.

5.  The school was in a tough neighborhood.  I taught 3rd grade.  One of my students was a boy taller than me with the hint of a moustache already.  One day I locked my keys in my car but he told me not to worry,  He was able to get the car door open.  I wonder where he is now.  Oh,  the following week my car was stolen.  I loved that car -  it was a new and shiny convertible.  I did get it back - for awhile.  It was stolen a second time and was totaled. 

There are so many more things I could say about those years  but this is called RANDOM 5 Friday.


  1. I followed a link to see what "Friday Finds" was all about - then suddenly remembered i had not thanked you - so, i got to zoom back . . Love the photos . . that you for showing me the reflection - I did not spot it for myself -

    OH!! Your school stories are terrific. I hope you share more in future.

    Do you still teach? I hope -

    Happy Friday!

  2. I as a Canadian haven't been that far East, I wish I had, that is a gorgeous photo of the Pharmacy marker-and what an amazing cottage. I remember the Dick and Jane books :-)

  3. I am from Western Canada... I love the oldness of the east..have been east once!

  4. Nova Scotia!!! Anne of Green Gables...watched Eat Street last night on Food Network and they were catching lobsters in Maine. NEXT YEAR! Miss chatting with you...

  5. I love these school stories! More please! :)

    The cottage is beautiful. And white. I love white houses being a native New Englander and all. They are few and far between out here. Oregonians like beige i guess...

    I have a serious 'thing' for Maritime Canada!

  6. oh i love that glass hanging in the pharmacy, beautiful and i really enjoyed your random 5! have a great weekend!

  7. Lovely photos, the glass is gorgeous. Great school day reflections!

  8. Stephanie,
    Love the red pharmacy container and cottage! Very neat.

    What a fun idea doing 5 things from school. I went to a Country School for several years in my early elementary days. It was 2 trailer houses with 2 class rooms in each. I was there for grades 1-3. We had two classes per room. The Kindergarteners were in a room by themselves.

    There are several kids from my elementary school days that I wonder what happened to them. Sometimes, I am surprised that so and so is married with 4 kids and a good job.

  9. Wow!
    What an interesting Random 5!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And I love the red pharmacy container.
    And I want that gorgeous cottage.


  10. Wish the kids today would play some of those wonderful childhood games. I was good at dodge ball...loved jumping rope, and I was the jacks champ at summer rec. Hmmm...the good life! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Aloha!

  11. Interesting memories and I love the photo.

  12. Hey, maybe the kid that knew how to get your keys out of your car was the one who stole it. Just saying.