Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Finds and Thoughts

My Friday Find

Everyone finds this bench a lovely place to sit not just on Friday but every day of the week.  It's a place to sit and think, plan your day or just enjoy the view.



Dear Hydrangea Bush
You are so loaded with blooms this year.  I was worried since last year you didn't look like you would survive another year. 

Dear Rose Arbor
I saw you the other day when I was walking by and I was tempted to enter.  You looked like the entrance to a fairy tale cottage. 

Dear August
You arrived so fast this year and you seem to be different.  You used to be a summer month.  Remember the Dog Days of August?  This year you are confused with September.

My driveway is full of fallen acorns.  The squirrels aren't prepared yet to gather them yet.

Dear Mother Nature
I noticed you were out playing with your paintbrush the other evening.  You got my attention with the loud clap of thunder and a lightening bolt which lit up the  kitchen yet there was no rain.

Dear Time Warner Cable
Really ??  Squabbling with CBS AGAIN.  You are becoming quite the bully.  The two of you corporate giants have a dispute and we the customers have to pay the price.  You claim CBS is demanding an outrageous amount of money to carry their programming yet you have no problem demanding an outrageous amount of money from me for cable service which includes many channels I don't even want.

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  1. I have read somewhere that cable companies may soon not be able to charge you for channels you don't want. That we will actually be able to decide what we pay for! However, I will believe it when I see it. I love your bench picture. It makes me want to sit for a spell.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful, Stephanie. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    We are enjoying the unseasonably cool late summer temps too. I think yesterday's high was 77*.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Awesome bench composition and processing. Love how you did the arbor shot and the hydrangeas just make me want to go pull the bunch to my chest!

  4. I'd like to sit on that bench and while away some time...

  5. I bet that bench could tell some stories....I love your processing of the arbor shot and so glad your beautiful hydrangea made it because it is truly gorgeous.....

  6. beautiful images and i love your letter to time warner! amen!

  7. GORGEOUS photos, these are a great 5...

  8. Great shots I so love hydrangeas .. I'm in the UK so our choices are so different from yours but we have the wonderful BBC....

  9. Time Warner is hideous! But that is indeed a gorgeous rose arbor!

  10. Cute post... yes August is starting to feel like fall:)

  11. Oh where to begin...First that shot of the bench is wonderful. Is the view of the ocean?
    That Rose Arbor was just stunning.
    Loved your Rainbow shot.
    So totally agree about Cable companies. We have Direct TV now and even that has it's problems.

  12. My first time here ...
    love that you have photos for most of your facts.

  13. Gorgeous images and great random 5

  14. Wow -- that arbor is loaded! Really does look like Scarlett O'Hara could walk through it at any moment. :)

  15. I love benches in photos, this one is beautiful!

  16. This is an amazing composition of a bench! I'm trying to live a more grateful, positive I can't even bring up Time Warner!

  17. I love your Friday looks so inviting to sit awhile and enjoy the view. Your flowers look so amazing....I'm longing for Spring to come.

  18. You are so good at this post. YOu make me laugh and think. It's nice to be in the same area, as I "get" the whole thing. I love that beautiful arbor, and the hydrangeas have been amazing this year-maybe it's the weather we've had.
    Now as for TWC-I HATE them. I don't have cable TV, only internet service and they keep uping my rates while offering "bundled packages" ad nauseum trying to get new customers. If a bundle is $99 that tells me the value of my internet service is $33 monthly. Oh and then there's the "box" fee that is currently $4 and I hear going up $2 more soon. I'm thinking this is a good time to cancel my service, cut a deal with my neighbors to ride in off their line, and wait for TWC to beg to have me back. They always do. Bastards.
    Thanks for letting me vent. See you tomorrow on Songography-haven't decided if I'm doing SHS or not. We'll see.
    Enjoy the fabulous sun.

  19. Love your Random 5.
    So happy to hear about your hydrangeas .... my plant sits there ... beautiful lush green leaves ... but no flowers. Maybe next year?

  20. Wonderful bench. It looks well used.

  21. The bench just exudes invitation to sit and contemplate - lovely.
    Our pine trees are shedding cones at an alarming rate this year.