Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sundays just seem to be coming faster and faster.  It's already time for the Scavenger Hunt. 

Here are this week's prompts.

#1  DISHES -  These were Grandma's dishes.  She washed them all by hand -  no dishwasher back then. I bought them all one at a time at yard sales -  usually for 25 cents a piece.  I once thought it would be a good idea to set a table for a dinner party with all different dishes.   Not so sure now.

#2.  Favorite Color -  I can't pick just one since it changes continually.  The color I paint a wall may not be a color I would wear.  At this time of year I love the colors in my garden.  I didn't plan it but it seems these are the colors that dominate my garden.

#3.  Sun Flare -  When you leave this prompt for the end of the week and then you get two days of rain, you really have to be ready when that little ray of sun peeks out.  I grabbed the closest thing on the porch and gave it a try.

#4.  Expression  -  It is usually said by the perpetrator of an error and the saying out loud is a public acknowledgement, somewhat like "mea culpa".   'Whoops-a-daisy', and the shortened forms 'whoops' and 'oops', are all American in origin.

In the film Notting Hill, Hugh Grant's character falls over, saying 'whoops a daisies'. Julia Roberts' character then says:

"No one has said 'whoops a daisies' for fifty years and even
then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets."

#5.  Sticky -  I don't pay much attention to TV commercials but the commercial for the new Magnum Gold Ice Cream Bar caught my eye and I was hooked.  Eat it fast before it melts or you will get quite sticky.

So folks, that's the Hunt for this week.  Please come by and visit Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Those dishes are beautiful! That ice cream treat look amazing!!

  2. Loving your shots for this weeks hunt.. They are all great shots.


  3. Very nice choices for the prompts.
    I love looking at antique dishes. There is one in the picture (white one with gold rim) that looks like some dishes my mom use to have.
    Favorite Color - Oh so pretty and I think my favorite from your set this week.
    Sticky...oh that looks almost sinful.

  4. love your first three shots - my grandmother always washed her dishes in a metal bowl too!

  5. Ooooh love those dishes!

  6. A BEAUTIFUL set!
    Those dishes are vintage treasures. I love the idea of all different dishes at the table. :)
    I like how you interpreted 'impression'.
    Lovely work!

  7. Love your favorite color picture. So pretty! The ice cream bar looks yummy too.

  8. Wow that sticky shot looks good. Still dieting's been 7+ months since my last (confession) ice cream. I like all those mis-matched dishes and think they would make a lovely dinner setting. Try it. Imagine the colors.