Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Crafty Hunt

The pressure was on this week.  It was Saturday afternoon and I had nothing for this week's hunt.  It's not for lack of trying.   I did spend time during the week taking pictures but they didn't quite fit the prompts.  So late Saturday afternoon I was driving around town trying to find my prompts before it rained.  I wasn't successful and had almost decided to pass this week when it dawned on me I could find what I needed right here at home.

#1.  ARTS and CRAFTS   -  It all started with one rubber stamp many, many years ago.  The collection grew quickly and soon needed a room of its own.  Here's a small part of my collection.  Many have never been used but it was like buying small pieces of art.

From stamping I moved on to altered art and mixed media projects.  My workspace is rather messy right now but honestly,  it doesn't usually look like this.  I have to clean up and organize before I can start a project.

#2.  MESSY

#3.  FUN -  Many pretty color pens provide hours of fun for me.  These are triple the fun since each pen has 3 different points.

#4.  EFFORT -  After a lot of effort -  working with clay to make tiles -  here is the result of all that crafty effort.

#5.  BLESSING -  I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and this weekend we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We've been married for many decades and I am thankful for every minute we shared

He has indulged all my creative endeavors .

I am not going to wait for the last minute to work on next week's list.  Let's visit Scavenger Hunt Sunday now and get next week's list.


  1. Holy cow, that's some collection!

    Love the piece you featured -- beautiful.

  2. Congrats on the lovely to have a long lasting marriage. Step away from the stamps-I'm seeing a little addiction issue there. : )
    My fave is that gorgeous piece you created. I love how it's a collage effect and the nature of the pieces used. Very nice.

  3. I love your stamp collection and the smile on your face on your wedding pic.

  4. Wow your stamp collection is impressive.
    I hear you on having a clean desk before starting a project and then it always ends up messy.
    Wow that frame was worth the effort, it's gorgeous.
    Enjoyed seeing your wedding photo. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Absolutely perfect selection for this week!

  6. Sometimes we just need to look around us and see what treasures we can share with others. I love the shots of your art space and love your frame! Congrats on the anniversary!

  7. Oh my goodness that is a lot of stamps!! i love the picture of you and your husband. Happy anniversary.

  8. Happy Anniversary, Stephanie. I hope you have many more healthy and happy years together.

  9. Wow! I am in awe of your collection of stamps! I may just have to show it to my husband so he realizes that my cache of craft supplies really isn't that large! :0)

    But it does look like you make good use of your supplies! I love your effort shot. It is lovely!

  10. That's a billion rubber stamps, right? Have you sat down and counted them? I'd love to see them up close. You ought to post some of your favorite ones!

  11. Sweet sweet post! Love the tile work, my yarn stash would probably match your wall of stamps, lol.

    Swinging by in hopes you'll join in for Memory Monday

  12. That's an incredible collection of rubber stamps! Little treasures, all of them!

  13. Hi Stephanie! I adore your art - the collage! Your stamp Collection is just wonderful - I have some stamps, and it's too long since I used them ... Thank you for the inspiration! Such a lovely blog you have ...
    Nina (New follower :)