Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

At first glance this week's prompts looked like they would be easy.  As time flies by and you haven't completed the task it gets difficult to find what you need.

Here are this week's submissions:


This adult beverage has a glow and also gives you a glow.


I rode a bus like this at one time -  I guess I am old too!  There's a museum nearby which house old vehicles and these were parked out front.



I'm sure you were expecting tulips or budding trees, but nothing like that is going on around here.  So I offer my collection of little springs for this prompt.  I don't even know why I have theses.


Regular dentist visits help keep a pretty smile.  These are the smile maintenance tools the dentist gives you.

That's it for this week.  Please stop by Scavenger Hunt Sunday and visit the other hunters.


  1. So creative for spring! I had that thought late last night before I went to bed!

  2. Loved your choices this week....your springs made me smile. Clever finds!!

  3. Great job thinking outside the box for this week's prompts!


  4. Well, you did an excellent job with these and I'm completely loving the last couple - so literal (love it!)

  5. Great set. Your smile made me smile..a service announcement from the Dental society! springs are my favorite I think, but all are great.

  6. Fun reply for smile. I love the way you did the bus shot. I need to visit there again

  7. Terrific job! I love that you took the Spring prompt in a different direction. And the Shadow pic is just beautiful!

  8. I wouldn't mind having a glass of that glow at the moment. :) Great shot!
    The old bus was perfect and what a charming shadow!
    I love your thinking outside the box for spring - very creative!

  9. Oh you got creative with the prompts. Spring - That was fun as was your shot for Smile (clever thinking.)
    Enjoyed your Shadow shot and the Old shot very much.

  10. All your finds are so creative - I like your editing, too.

  11. Nice collection of springs. Your drink with a glow - nice!