Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Heart This

It's Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe and today's theme is Love.

Textures used were Plaster Square -  once at Soft Light 100% and again at Hard Light 65% and also the 1,2,3 Overlay.  A dash of bokeh finished it off.

We recently visited a recreation of a 19th century village and in the tinsmith's shop heart shaped cookie molds were being made.

I really got into working on the heart theme and here are a few more.

Key to My Heart

You've captured My Heart

Have a heart and visit Kim's Texture Tuesday for more Love.


  1. Beautiful images Stephanie. I especially love the one with the cookie molds.

  2. Wow! Beautiful work here and you really aced this one! And tickled my brain ... reminded me of all the cute little heart things around my house that I could have used! Brain freeze, I guess. Oh, well ... maybe next year.

  3. Oh, I love the heart in the jar - very nice!

  4. Beautiful collection and interpretation of the word Love.
    (blog hopping from TT)

  5. Beautiful...all of them. I love the angle of the heart shaped cookie cutters and your process.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Capture life.

  6. LOVE the bottom two images!!

  7. What a lovely collection of hearts !
    The one 'you've captured my heart' is gorgeous, great idea !
    Nice week and for Thursday Happy Valentine's,

  8. Awesome image very unique with bold colors yet soft. The other images I am totally in love with too but the one you called "You've captured my heart" is my favorite.. I love glass jar and bottles and this is a wonderful way to capture the meaning of the words.. Thanks for sharing..

  9. These are wonderful... so very nice

  10. You've definitely put me in the Valentine mood!

  11. All so pretty! My fav is the heart ornament in the jar :0) Very sweet!