Friday, January 31, 2014


Friday already?  Gosh, that was fast.  Time to gather up those random thoughts rattling around in my head and get over to Nancy's Random Five Friday.

Random Thought #1

There was sunshine this week inside and out.  My Mister came home with a bag of oranges given to him as a gift.  I took a look at them and wrinkled my nose.  They looked ugly and I didn't think they would be very good.  WRONG..... they were so sweet and delicious and the juiciest oranges ever.  I couldn't resist squeezing them this morning.

Fresh Squeezed
Day 31 of 365

Lesson Learned:  You can't judge an orange by the outside.

Random Thought #2

My girlfriends cam up from Boston for our monthly get-together.  We have a favorite restaurant we go to every time they are here.  It's the fried clams and onion rings that the girlfriends crave.

Notice the blob of orange in the lower right corner.  That's my squash.  I passed on the onion rings this time around.  

Random Thought #3

It's still cold but the roads are clear now so I set off on another back roads journey.  I needed a landscape photo for a class I was taking.  This seemed to fit the bill.

Random Thought #4

I have completed the first month of my 365 project.  31 days = 31 photos.  I was stuck at the end and needed something -  anything - to photograph.  Fruit will do.  Here's one of those oranges again.

Random Thought #5

My dad always went to a barber shop for his haircut.  My Mister did too when we were first married. I eventually convinced him to go to the same salon I went to.  He resisted at first -  it wasn't very manly to go to a salon.  Times have changed and now there are more men there than women.

When I was scouring the little streets in the city this past weekend I was surprised to find this old time barber shop -  complete with old time barber in the old time barber's shirt.

OK, let's go see what's happening at Random Five Friday.



  1. Cant' beat fresh squeezed orange juice. That barber shop photo is really...well, for a lack of a better word, antiquated. But most of all today, I enjoyed the ambiance of the backroad photo. The landscape, the dilapidated shed...but the colors are muted yet magnificent. The contrast of dark and light, the rustic colors on the barren tree...and yet the evergreen tree stands out.

  2. Your photos are brilliant! each tells a story all by itself - and, the colors are beautiful.
    Thank you . . I'm sure glad those oranges arrived in your world -
    That photo is seems filled with Life.

  3. Deliciousness describes your first photo! I'm craving fresh squeezed orange juice now. Gosh, you sure don't see many barber shops anymore.

  4. Fresh squeezed orange juice ... the best! My husband would drink it every single day!
    Lovely landscape shot!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  5. OJ - fresh sounds delicious!! ( :
    i love cutting the hubby's hairs ... fun!

  6. Mmmmm, Fresh Squeezed OJ is so good. I must admit those oranges aren't "pretty" looking but at least you gave them a chance and were pleasantly surprised.
    Love your Landscape shot and oh my those Onion Rings and Clams look yummy. So glad you had a good time with your friends.

  7. Love the old time barber shops, so many stories there.

  8. Oh my gosh, I want some fresh squeezed oj now! It's been ages since I've done that. Usually we drop an orange into a smoothie though. That's a beautiful photo of the snowy winter wonderland you have there. We didn't get any snow either in Oxfordshire or in Vancouver. Wait, actually we did get a day in Vancouver, but it melted over night. I think I might be a better winter gal if we actually got something more than dreary, cold, wet, drizzle. I'm willing spring on. Hope you ahve a wonderful and warm weekend. :)

  9. Love the barbershop photo -- times gone by. :)

  10. I wish I had some of that orange juice this morning. A look in my frig and I discovered I am out of the bottled kind. Oh well. Maybe Dr. Pepper will do. hehe.

    I love the landscape picture.

  11. Fresh squeezed OJ is such a treat. Neighbor friends are in Florida for the winter and always bring home oranges, (the not so bright good looking ones) and they are the sweetest best oranges ever. Something to look forward to indeed.

    I liked remembering about Barber Shops and Barber Chairs and Barbers . . . thanks to you.

  12. Oh, that fresh-squeezed OJ looks so good! One of my favorite treats.And I love your snowy landscape photo.

  13. Love your orange photos! So glad they turned out so sweet! Beautiful landscape photo. Old buildings are a favorite of mine!