Friday, January 17, 2014

Remember Your First?

They say you will always remember your first.   I found my first hiding in the antique mall.  At least it looks just like my first and I remember it well.

Say Cheese
Day 11 of 365

It wasn't mine exclusively but the family's.  You carefully chose your subject  -  film and processing were expensive.  You had to wait forever to get the film processed.  I remember the first photo I took was of my girlfriend Deanna showing off her new dress.  How times have changed.

Randomly Speaking:

1.  I swore I would not play Candy Crush but I weakened this week and now I am hooked.  I don't pay to play so I have been stuck for days at level 23 and may never get out.

2.  Speaking of wasting time I will share another dirty little secret.  I watch Days of Our Lives and have watched it since the beginning.   It is disturbing that I have aged a lot faster than the characters on the show.

3.  I spent most of the week dealing with technology problems -  software, hardware, and email issues.  Even my TV went nuts this week and would not shut off.

4.  We started the week buried in snow and ice but after several days of 45 degree temps it has all melted except for the clumps of dirty brown snow the plows had created.  Plenty of room now for the next batch that will surly arrive before winter's end.

5.  Did you know it costs the U.S. Mint two cents to make a penny and ten cents to make a nickel?  that just doesn't make cents sense.

The best thing about Fridays is Friday Finds and Random 5 Friday.  Check them out.

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  1. i will have to look into this Candy Crush ... do you have an iphone? sounds interesting. ( :
    can you imagine if cameras were still like that one ... what a beauty. do you have a collection of old cameras? so fun!

  2. I have a collection of vintage cameras including my first one, my second one, but not my third one though as it was stolen, :(

  3. I love vintage cameras! My mom had a Brownie and it was always exciting when she would let me take a picture :)
    #5 - That's the gov't for you!

  4. ha, you'll get out of that level eventually. i don't pay to play either and don't understand why anyone would. i've been stuck on a very boring level so i've not even played in a week...maybe they've cured me!

  5. I love the content of those black and white 'snap shots'!! We had 32 in the morning yesterday and 2 degrees by 7 p.m.! Back in the freezer for a couple of days here in the upper Midwest too...the sad thing is that we have two more weeks till the groundhog tells us that there are SIX more weeks of winter!

  6. Your camera looks great with all of those snapshots around it. My husband says I am addicted to Candy Crush, but I don't think I have a problem. I don't pay either and sometimes it does feel like I am stuck forever on one level.

  7. I've never played Candy Crush but I am hooked on Words With Friends! Dang!
    Love that camera ... what a find!
    I'm hoping we don't get any more snow ... yeah, like that's going to happen!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    diane @ aug's blog

  8. I have not (yet?) played Candy Crush, though i keep getting invitations. Hoping to avoid it forever 'cause i know i'll get hooked! Lol.

    I used to watch Days with my mother when i was young. Then some in my 20s and saw the whole Bo and Hope thing. Are they still on? How about Stephano? I loved it, and would definitely get hooked again if i started watching!

  9. Fun and interesting facts! Yes, I remember the Brownies, too. I simply do not play games online. FB and IG are time-wasters enough for this gal. Hope to see you next week at R5F!

  10. Good ones. Who knew about the money, but that's the government for you! Who could imagine digital photos and being able to take as many shots as you want and then just deleting them - and usually not even printing them onto photo paper - what a concept.

  11. Your little secrets - scandalous! hehehe! The government operating in the red does not surprise me. I am envious you found a Brownie - makes me want to venture to the local flea market - but I can hardly complain about all the clutter in this house and go within 100 yards of a flea market.

  12. Cool looking camera. I have a vintage camera collection...including a couple of Brownies...(somewhere in the abyss). I put them all out on display for a school project once with the old vintage photographs that each took. Funny how now kids don't know what 35mm film is...though I still use an old instamatic for kicks!!! Aloha

  13. I like your post and your five Randoms. I need to find out what Candy Crush is

  14. This is a fun post! I'm addicted to Candy Crush. I play 2 sets of games, one on my computer and one on my iPad. I'm on level 91 -- you can do it!!! I got so stuck on level 70 that my daughter had to rescue me. Love that vintage camera!

  15. I went thru a vintage camera craze and bought a few cheap ones on ebay about a year ago -- have seven or so lined up on a shelf above my computer area. :)