Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Winter Wonderland

Just when most of the snow had melted in the balmy 40 degree temps we got slammed with another storm.  It was only supposed to be a dusting.

Day 19 of 365

Snow Cones

As a kid we would enjoy snow cones at the beach on a hot summer day.  
Every time I pass this clump of trees the word snow cones come to mind.

Snow Cones
Day 20 of 365


In between the weeks of frigid temps I had a chance to venture out and look around.  
This fire escape caught my eye.  It appears you'll  only make it to the roof.

Reading Pile

I've been spending a lot of time indoors this month.  
I hate going out in the snow and frigid cold.
What do I do all day?  
Here's a pile of reading I need to catch up on.


Thirty years ago today Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh.
I had just started working for Apple and the Mac was my first computer.
It was a big step going from IBM word processor to a real computer.
It was love at first sight and we spent many years together.
I went through every new model of Mac as they were introduced.
When I had to buy my own computer I got an HP.
We spent 8 years together which really made that HP an antique.
It finally died this month and I had to move on.
After much deliberation  I went back to my first .

We're getting reacquainted and going through the adjustment period.  
I'm lovin' the big screen and great resolution.

That pretty much sums up life in my world.  I'll be joining Nancy for Random 5 Friday.


  1. Oh I am loving your reading material. Snowcones yes that is what they look like. I am getting a little tired of the cold. Nice Apple:) B

  2. love those snow cones and looks the fire escape is an escape to no where! i approve of your reading. i love my mac!

  3. love those snow cone trees, and bet you are enjoying that Imac. I just love mine. Fun shot of that fire escape.

  4. I love those snow cone trees!

  5. I love my HP desktop. Apples scare me. Lol.

  6. Looks like you too are living in a winter, white, chilly, snowy world . . . Makes for some great photos if one can un-thaw the fingers long enough to catch a picture.

    I started out with Apple, then a few HP's, then a HP lap top, soon after I was gifted with an iPad, then I purchased another iPad. I am convinced, my future purchases will be something Apple!

    Wishing you a warmer and very safe weekend!

  7. i love how you call them "snow cones" & i love your snowy shots. so pretty. ( :

  8. I couldn't help but wonder what all was in that stack of reading material.

  9. Never stray from the Mac. We finally added the iMac in November it completed our Apple family. Very happy!!

  10. Would love to know the story behind that rooftop escape! Your snowscapes are wonderful. Good Luck with the Mac - I love mine, but it did take some adapting.

  11. Those trees do look like snow cones! I like that picture a lot, but also the trees in the first photo. And computers - my husband built mine, and I really love it. It pays to be married to a Geek...