Friday, January 10, 2014

Make A Wish

"I wish I had an old bike", she said wistfully.

"Whatever for?",  he asked.  "You never rode the one you had".

"I don't want to ride it", she replied rolling her eyes.  "I want an old one for the yard".

He would point out old bikes at the flea markets and antique stores but she would find a problem with all of them.    Too expensive,  she would tell him.  She wanted it cheap and with a basket and a bell.

One night after dinner he said, "Go look out the window".

She was already comfy in her chair.  "Why would I want to look out the window?  It's dark and I'm reading."

He insisted and she humored him by going to the window.

This is what she found.

Snow Tires
Day 8 of 365

Random Thoughts

1.  A fresh snow fall looks so pretty of the first few hours - clean and unspoiled.

I don't know why but it always reminds me of a Mae West quote:
"I was Snow White until I drifted."

2.  In the fall I had to take a picture of every sunflower in town.  Now it's the red berries that I'm addicted to.

3.  Other people's trash becomes my treasure.

Double Runners
Day 9 of 365

4.  Nancy, our  Random 5 hostess,  may be planning to win the Publisher's Clearing House sweeps but I am counting on getting HGTV's  Dream Home.  If you read the beginning of this post you'll know wishes do come true.

5.  I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend.  Gosh, these birthdays are coming faster and faster.

Everyone looks forward to Fridays, not just because the weekend will start but because it's time to visit with Kim at Friday Finds and Nancy at Random 5 Friday.

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  1. I have an old bike "planted" in my yard. I love it! Your's is neat too.

  2. Love your way of telling a story and your images go so well with your little story. The bike is wonderful. Very creative writing and my kind of writing short and to the point, fun.

  3. LOVE your story behind the bike and I love the photo too. You have made me day today!

  4. Oh my word! I love that bike!

  5. Have a happy birthday celebration. Mine is coming next month. Can't wait for it to come...for one reason...I always indulge with FRIED shrimp. LOL

    Love the pink bike. Long ago, I saw on Better Homes and Gardens web site, I believe, a beautiful holiday wreath with pure white ice skates in the middle. It was very pretty. What are you planning on doing with them?

  6. What a perfect gift he found for you!!!! You could always hang the ice skates around the handlebars...they would look lovely together. Have a a great weekend.

  7. Stephanie,

    I like your red berries. The contrast between the red and white snow is naturally artistic. Keep shooting!
    Your ice skates and bicycle pictures are neat too.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and celebration.

  8. Happy Birthday!! i do wonder why they come so quickly each year. i do enjoy celebrating but not the getting older. i will stay young forever. ( :

  9. I have a couple of garden bikes too, but the weather is beginning to take their toll on them. Such a pretty photo of yours!

  10. Oh, I love those old skates!

  11. i had a beautiful old bike similar to yours but i left it behind when i moved. Now i photograph my new bike....but not in the winter.

  12. I love unspoiled snow too! Your bike is the perfect bike and looks great with the berries and snow. Happy Birthday!

  13. So nice your wish has come true, lovely bike !
    Wonderful photos !
    Happy Birthday ! Have a great day !

  14. Happy Birthday!!! - Hope it's grand.
    What a cool bike, the color is awesome.
    Good luck with the Dream House - I'd like to win the lottery.
    Neat old skates too. I agree fresh snow always looks so pretty but I'm just so not into winter.

  15. Dang! Could you tell "him" that I would like an old bike for my yard, too??? :-D
    That's awesome!!!! It is soooooooooo lovely!
    Uhmmmm....sorry, but I am winning the Dream Home on HGTV!!! It's mine! ;-)
    Happy New Year!
    diane @ aug's blog

  16. I love that bike! I think bikes make the most wonderful photo subject. Well, the old touring bikes do. My husband's fancy road bike doesn't quite cut it.

  17. I would take the Dream House too! Love the bike you got :)

  18. What a sweet thing to do! Swoon!

  19. your bike is absolutely perfect - great color. hang on to that one....the man that is!

  20. Your bike and random five brightened my day.

  21. What my beautiful old bike...the style, colour, everything is just perfect! Happy birthday! I've got one coming in a few days too!

  22. Hey, Happy Birthday! I love that bike...and I love sunflowers and red berries, too. Not got to take a lot of photos of them this year, though.

  23. What a sweet husband - and what a great bike! It's perfect.

  24. What a surprise and treat tha pinkish bicycle with a basket was for you. And he did it all on his own makes it a very nice love token.
    I loved your Random 5 post . . . Now I will go and take a look at more of your posts . . .