Friday, December 20, 2013

A Light Debate

He likes the colored lights.
She wanted white.
So they would get two trees.


She would have him drive to every shop in the city and inspect every tree. 
It had to be perfect. 
It took forever to choose. 
As time went by she relaxed her standards and would wait in the car. 
He chose the tree. 
It just had to be very tall.

He was a Maine native
Maine is the pine tree state.
He said there would never be an artificial tree in his house.
Last year they got an artificial tree.


She went a little wild and crazy
and chose a color scheme a bit
out of her comfort zone.
He wisely withheld comment.


The outside lights were put up early this month.
They were quite pleased with themselves.
Then it snowed.
A lot.
The lights are buried under the snow.
They still come on every night.
Nobody can see them.

So glad Nancy is back with Random 5 Friday. 

Merry Christmas to All!


  1. Too funny! Love both the colorful and the B&W shots!

  2. not sure if this help the debate?... i have white lights on my fake tree (am allergic to real trees when in the house) my mom has a fake tree with colored lights. i love both. if we had a bigger house & if i could get it around the hubby (not sure he would like another tree in the house?!!) i would probably have several trees. wait? that debate was not worked through??! don't think it can be solved. i love when folks do all different colors on their homes or only white ... never mixing ... it looks like a total mess. too confusing. but it guess it is fine either way ... just my opinion. ( :

  3. Merry Christmas, Stephanie!

    It's amazing how two people can be very different and attracted to each other. I have to remind myself to keep an open mind and sometimes a closed mouth.

  4. LOL! Fun shots. I have artificial trees (I'm allergic) ... one tree with color lights and one tree with *white*. Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!

  5. Oh, what fun Stephanie! And I remember those old foil reflectors -- had forgot about them until just now. :)

  6. Beautiful vintage lights and reflectors!

  7. this is sweet, my parents had a red and white chevy like the one in the photo, tree would have been on top like that too-and I have had reflectors like that, those xmas decorations are super colours, my husband would want them (I like blue).

  8. My first visit via Random 5 Friday. What a great post!!!!

  9. Such a fun post! Yes, these debates we have at holiday time. I had to laugh at the thought of the outside lights coming on but not being seen. I wish I had some of that snow! :-)

  10. LOL! very fun post...LOVE all those baubles!!!

  11. What fun! - Two trees would be cool but we barely have room for the one. - My parents had those old reflectors on their tree, I loved them. Sadly a few years ago my mom stopped putting the big lights with the reflectors on her tree. I think that was my dad's thing along with garland which hasn't graced her tree for many years either.

  12. Hey Stephanie-a great post. Sounds like a marriage of compromise-it's what a good relationship is all about. Nice score on the old car. The sepia works really well and you got it without all the distracting stuff that surrounds it. Merry Christmas to you.