Friday, November 1, 2013

NO NO NOvember

Another month done.  I woke this morning to find the calendar page turned to November.  It's not my favorite month.  The bright blue skies and colors of October turn to dull and dark skies and dreary colors.

November comes
November goes
with the last red berries
and the first white snow.

Night now comes early and dawn is late.  The trees are bare, having spilled their fruits on the sidewalk.

Today,  November 1,  the countdown of  Christmas shopping days begins.

Random Thoughts

1.  When the weather turns chilly soup becomes the favorite meal.  Mom always made corn chowder on Fridays. 

2.  We had dinner down on the waterfront the other night and watched the last cruise ship of the season leave port.  The fall cruises from New England to Canada have been very popular this year.

3.  There have been many national news stories this week about a mystery building in San Francisco.  Rumor has it that it belongs to Google .  What hasn't been as widely publicized is that there is an identical building here in Portland Maine.  It was brought here on a barge and appears to be made of shipping containers welded together.   Workers on the project have had to sign non-disclosure agreements and the locals are abuzz about it.

It is thought to be a floating data center for Google.  It would be located 3 - 7 miles offshore and ocean waters would be used to cool the servers and waves for energy.  Use of salt water could be problematic but surmountable.

4.  Coincidentally ,  the salt water problem mentioned above is something I am familiar with.  My high school science project was converting salt water -  Hydro Electronics.   Now,  I must say that I was terrible in science -  my worst subject.  If it wasn't for my father and boyfriend I never would have gotten through that project.  The best part was I actually won first prize.  Now that was a shocker.  As a result I had to represent our school at the state-wide fair held at MIT.  It was an event that would go through the evening and required you to be present to explain your project.  It was also the night of my Senior Prom and I had a gorgeous dress at home waiting for me.  What a dilemma !  Prom or Science?   What would you do?    Stay or Go?    What do you think I did?   

5.  I hate that it gets dark so early. 

Sharing my thought today with Nancy for Random 5 Friday and Kim's Friday Finds.

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  1. Such great randoms Stephanie -- yep, I'm right there with you on November... not a huge Christmas fan, so we can go from Thanksgiving straight to Spring, thank you! :)

  2. I love your thoughts and just want to jump into your page and taste that chowder, love how you have done NO NO vember. Your images are wonderful each one of them.

  3. Stephanie,
    November is not my favorite either. October holds much more beauty. I like your end of autumn picts.

    I am a soup fan too, I could eat it several times a week! The Hubby will eat soup every once in a while. Drat.

    I the midst of winter is will be dark around 4:30 and pitch black by 5 pm. Makes for very long evenings.

  4. Oh I hope you went to the competition my daughter had the same choice for the same reason but it was in sports she chose the prom I think she regrets it. Your photos are incredible. I would take that boat thing the other way from Canada to New England:) B

  5. i have almost finished my Christmas shopping.glad to know we don't have a huge family like some. ( ;

  6. Now I know what's for dinner tonight, corn chowder! Man that looks yummy! (Visiting from random 5)

  7. I hate the dark and the grey skies too. Roll on Spring Christmas shopping starts soon..

  8. I too think November is a very bleak month along with February. The clocks fall back this weekend and it will be so dark. Such short days.

  9. Wonderful images! They brighten up my dark and rainy day.

  10. the light in your Pictures is just so beautiful! I like fall but am not fond of the dark evenings either.

  11. You captured some beautiful photos, and I'm with you, I really, really don't like when it gets dark early. NOT looking forward to setting my clock back this weekend.

  12. OMG
    In the chilly months .... my Mom made corn chowder!!!!!!

  13. I hate to loose the beautiful sunshiny days, too. But, just make yourself a cup of soup and embrace the cooler weather.

  14. I love soup this time of year and have some brewing in the Crockpot as I sit here. Easy dinner. That "google" building is intriguing.

  15. Corn Chowder - YUM!
    Oh I'd love to take a cruise.
    I say you went to the Prom