Friday, October 25, 2013

Peace and Quiet

Finding a quiet place in my town has just become a lot easier.   The seasonal visitors are gone and you can enjoy the beauty in peace and quiet and without having to share the bench.

The colors of the marsh are changing from the greens to the golden tones.  Another week and it will all turn brown.

My Random 5:
1.  By the end of summer I had taken a picture of every sunflower in town.  Now my attention has shifted to the fields of milkpods. 

3.  Another subject I find myself gravitating to is a barbed wire fence.  If it's twisted and rusty the better it is.

3.  It's funny how things from decades ago can stick in your mind.  In 5th grade we learned a poem - October's Bright Blue Weather.  I still remember lines from it, especially at this time of year.

And redder still on old stone walls
Are leaves of woodbine twining

I'm not sure if that's woodbine but it's crawling on a rock wall.

4.  During the fall season our town is invaded by leaf peepers.  There are 50 - 75 busses a day crawling through town - a small town with very small streets.  Throw in dozen of huge RV 's towing cars and you have traffic which rivals any big city.

5.  My parting thought

Which butt?  My cigarette butt or my actual butt?

Sharing finds and thoughts today with Friday Finds and Random 5 Friday.


  1. Sounds like you are ready to take in the peacefulness of the beach to the fullest. Looks like a fun place to photograph too.

    I agree there is something artistic about old barbed wire fence. They are fun to photograph, not so fun to mend.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Stephanie.

  2. Wow, your area sure looks beautiful. I would love to just sit quietly on that bench and ebjoy the view. <3

  3. WOW I can see why the buses com if the leaves are as beautiful as your photography:) I would love to sit on that bench of peace and quiet. Good memory and toss your butt I think that would hurt:) B

  4. LOL! love the *butt*.... your photography is beautiful ... great fall color. the rusty old barbed wire fence -- grand! when i lived on Galveston island, my favorite time of year was around Thanksgiving -- no tourists ... i had the beach to myself. yeehaw!!! have a delightful week.

  5. Beautiful shots...the one 'woodbine' actually looks like it might be poison ivy to me. Poison ivy gets absolutely beautiful in the fall!

  6. Leaf peepers!! Great description! I shall have to rename myself a "leaf peeper" since I enjoy visiting small towns full of glorious colored trees! LOVE the milk pod photo!!

  7. I would love to be a leaf peeper but I hope to do it where it doesn't bother other people.
    Your photos are outstanding!

  8. Your area must be awfully beautiful for the "leaf peepers" to come every year and if your images are any indication, I can see why they do. LOVELY share!

  9. Lovely photos / I especially love the milkpod one...just gorgeous!

  10. I tend to stick to same subjects in my photos too....I love your milkweed♫ Thanks for dropping by♥

  11. It looks like poison oak or ivy. We have it climbing telephone poles here :( Great images, love the barbed wire!

  12. At first I was thinking it was really peaceful... but then what about all of those buses?? Lovely photos. You must live in a lovely place!

  13. I wouldn't enjoy the tourist invasion... beautiful captures of Autumn Stephanie!