Friday, August 16, 2013

Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks -  not just for dinner anymore.  These fish sticks were found adorning the garden of a local art gallery.  Although there was nothing that identified the artist I think I recognize them as the work of Maine artist Mike Stiler of Monhegan Island.  His work is fun and whimsical, as are these fish sticks, which makes me think they are his work.

One Fish

Two Fish

Bony Fish

                                                                                                                                        (artist unknown)

Silver Fish

Dear Gorton Food Company
Fish sticks were the idea of your CEO, E. Robert Kinney, who died this summer at age 96.  He was born and raised in Maine and his leadership had a tremendous impact on your company.  I ate fish sticks as a kid but now I prefer the real thing. Minced fish is not for me.   Gorton once described fish sticks as a vehicle for transporting tarter sauce and ketchup to your mouth with your hands.

Dear Husband
We share many things but I really did not want to share your summer cold.  I hate it when my nose runs.

Dear McDonald's
For 20 years I managed to stay away from your restaurants.  Then you introduced the Grilled Chicken Ranch McWrap.  I fell victim to your TV ads and tried one several.  They are pretty good.

Dear Pedestrian
This year the town spent a load of money building sidewalks and the long construction period was an inconvenience to motorists.  The least you can do now is to actually use the sidewalks.  Why are you still walking in the road? 

Dear Young Couple
I watched you on your date at the restaurant.  You had a few minutes of conversation, ordered your meals and then immediately pulled out your iphones.  How will you get to know each other if you don't talk to each other?  Or have you already decided the date is a waste of time? 

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  1. Sometimes when I go to the mall, I count how many people do not have phones in their hands or up to their ears, out of a few dozen people I can often come out with a zero-little little kids don't count..

  2. wow, 20 years ... that is a long time. will you go again? ( :

    can they see the sidewalk? a lot of folks enjoy working the road. why? i have no clue. maybe their parents did not teach them properly.

    one reason i hate (i know a strong word, but...) cell phones. they are good & handy but for those reason they need to go away. what happened to being nice & talking to the folks you are with. i feel for kids that are with their mother (or father) & who are constantly on the phone. play with your kids & be there for them not on the phone. just silly.

  3. love the arty fish sticks --- are they all whirly gigs? Fun! I'm old enough to remember when the first frozen fish sticks came out. golly ... I think we had them all the time ... and frozen dinners. I agree with Gorton's statement describing fish sticks as a vehicle for transporting tarter sauce and ketchup to your mouth with your hands. the best part was the sauce and ketchup! No fun sharing colds. I can't remember when I was last at McDs. Really do wonder why the cell phone is more company than a real person. We've forgotten how to really communicate -- face to face. so sad ... sort of like seeing cursive writing disappear.

  4. Very whimsical fish! Lovely. I also enjoyed your thoughts - they made me smile. :)

  5. Those fish are spectacular! :)

    I see friends together at lunch, but either checking their e-mail, or making calls. Same with couple on dates. And nope i don't get it either. Communication is so 'convenient' these days, but not at all genuine. Did i just use the expression... 'These days?'. Lol

  6. The fish are fantastic! The fish sticks - not really my thing. I agree, I prefer the real thing. I wonder about kids with their cell phones. Where I work on a college campus, I always kind of shake my head when I look out the window and see all the students playing with their phones rather than talking to each other. Oh well, I guess it's the new normal. Have a great weekend!

  7. I like the fish sticks that you showed, not the frozen ones.

  8. My mother served fish sticks with mac and cheese when we were kids. I think I served them 2 times when my girls were young. We eat the real thing. Stay away from McDonalds you can do it.

  9. Super cute and so whimsical! Love those fish sticks!

  10. OMG, thank you for the laugh! I love the way you write. I am a new fan.

  11. Too funny.. Thanks so much for making me smile..


  12. Oh to have fish like those in the garden....would be fun. They look so amazing.

  13. I always wonder why people don't use the sidewalks. Odd. Not to speak of this super bad and rude iPhone behavior.
    I love the fish - they are funny and just give me a sunny mood!