Friday, August 2, 2013

Finding Inspiration

Dear TV Show,
It's funny where you find inspiration.  Today you inspired me to take some pictures.  I was watching you and puttering around the kitchen at the same time.  An attractive spy was engaged in a covert operation and had to leave a message for someone.  Putting the small bouquet of flowers on the plain brown wrapped package left on a doorstep was a nice touch.

I just happened to have a paper bag and a stack of clean dish towels I had just folded. I quickly wrapped them.   No secret message here but it made for fun photo session.

Dear Man in the Big SUV,
The NO TURN ON RED sign so prominently hanging on the red light signal applies to you too.
There are no exceptions named on the sign.

Dear Big Chain Grocery Store,
We have had a relationship for over 20 years.  You barely acknowledged my presence and didn't seem to appreciate my business.  Now we are just days away from a new store opening.  This new guy is known for all-time low prices (no customer loyalty card required) and the store will be bigger and better.   I will be their loyal customer.   When I shopped this week  you practically killed me with service and attention.  You just couldn't do enough for me and even said "Thank You".  Sorry,  too little, too late.  You should have been doing that for the past 20 years. 

My Dear Garden,
I am sorry I did not pay more attention to you this summer.  I had good intentions in the spring  but then it got too hot and then too rainy.  I was impressed with the abundance of daisies you produced this year.  They bloomed beautifully without my help. I'll do better next year.

Dear Clothes Dryer,
I hope you are happy here in your new home.  You did an impressive job this week and I love how you steamed and refreshed my clothes.  I am quite taken with all your bells and whistles.  The buttons on your dashboard light up like a Christmas tree.  I just hope you last as long as my last dryer.

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  1. Right you are about the garden and the weather, same story here....extremes in both directions. I have a nice small neighborhood family owned grocery store that I choice 9 out of 10 times to shop in, I pay a bit more...but to me it's worth it. Important I think to keep the Mom and Pop places going. They always stop and chat, always offer to going back in time when people knew what service was.

  2. Stephanie,
    Neat find on the paper bag photo shoot. Lovely picture.

    I agree with you on the personal touch of a hometown grocery store, or any store for that matter.

    I hope you take some daisy pictures to share with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Sure glad you wrapped those towels -- lovely shot.

    I agree about the store. Enjoy your new dryer. Love your daisies.

  4. i hope you wrote that grocery store a note & did send them a complaint, so maybe they will finally take note of people (their customers). when i give any business a complaint i am not really looking for anything personally, i just want them to change their ways & working on being a better business & doing great for their customers. ( :

  5. we still have one more month of summer don't we ;') time to make up to your garden for the lack of attention! Lovely photos, I love the dreamy effect-especially the garden fork one...

  6. Brilliant idea for a great parcels, especially wrapped in plain brown paper!!!

  7. Delightful post - love your wrapped kitchen towels and daisies too!

  8. Agreed, this is one of the most delightful and creative posts I've read in a very long time from any blog! So delighted I stopped by. Bravo to you for your creativity

  9. I like this creative post. I wonder who I might write to. I love the inspiration from TV. You just never know.
    As for that store-I still miss the Garden Street. My big beef right now is the need to have a damn "card" to get the discount everywhere-how many of those stupid things must I have? CVS, Cumbies, Shaws, Panera, Petsmart, Rite Aid.....can't they just give me a good price without having to ask for my phone number (cuz I won't carry a gazillion cards).
    Thanks for letting me vent. Have a great day, fingers crossed for some sun.

  10. I love that photo idea! It's fabulous, as are your photos! :)

    Your new dryer sounds beautiful, inside and out. Lol.

    And yep, some drivers think they have extra privileges for sure!

  11. Totally with you on the customer service thang. Treat me well, and I'll treat you well with my business.

  12. Love your post! And your photo is beautiful!

  13. Such a fun post to read! And I adore your little mystery package.

  14. What a fun and creative post....I really enjoyed reading every line....

  15. You are so creative! You made me laugh! The spy movie being your inspiration is charming! Your yellow flowers really are lovely, even if few in number.

  16. Love your post to pieces Stephanie. I get those red-light turners in front of me as well, and, do you ever get the turners behind you honking? Arg! I'm so glad you have a new store. So much of that "you're just not important" happening. That's what I love about England. People just bend over backwards with good service here. :)

  17. Funny where we get our inspiration -- a sweet photo Stephanie.

  18. LOVE the paper wrapped parcel and flowers tucked in!! Great inspiration on that one. Love reading your Dear --- letters - all perfect. Visiting from Friday Finds.