Friday, July 5, 2013

Random Thoughts and A Bookstore Find

Fridays are a day I look forward to.  The weekend is starting and it's Random Thoughts and Friday Finds.

My Find:        Browsing in the bookstore recently I found this book.

Since we often hit the road for parts unknown I thought it would be handy to keep in the car.  A category of interest was Best Lobster Rolls.  The author had a hard time deciding between the #1 and #2 best rolls.  I can walk from my house to the #2 place or we can drive for 75+ minutes in heavy traffic and then stand outside in the hot sun for an hour to wait for our food.

We chose to drive north for the #1 rated roll.

Well worth the trip.

Random Thoughts:

#1.  I live in a tourist town whose prime attraction is the beach.  We are in high tourist season right now.  It is very strange to be going through your regular weekly routine when everyone around you is on vacation. 

#2.  Here in Maine we don't use the letter "R".   In the restaurants the tourists flock to you will notice the featured items are Clam Chowdah and Lobstah.  If you are eating outdoors pay attention to this rule.

I've seen many a dinner gone in an instant when someone ignores this rule.

#3.  Clams are a popular menu item.  Clamming is a hard job and tough on your back.

But the end result is so delicious.

#4.  You will know when you are talking to an old-time native Mainer since a common word in their vocabulary is "Ayuh" -  usually accompanied by an affirmative nod of the head.  Should you stop and ask for directions you might be told:

"Ayuh,  ya' can't get theyah from heyah".     If you need a translation you can email me.

#5.  I am not considered a Mainer.  I've only lived here 25 years and will never be accepted by the townies.  I'm a native Bostonian and people think I talk funny.  No matter where I go people always ask me if I'm from Boston. 

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  1. Lol! What a great post Stephanie! Funny about never being considered a "Mainer". Tough rules! :)

  2. I would love to visit Maine! We've lived in our home for 14 yrs and we're still considered outsiders despite the fact that my husband and I both were raised only an hour or so away. And two of our children were born near here. Go figure :/

  3. In celebration of the 4th of July, my husband and I ate real beef burgers - no turkey burgers this holiday. My stomach had a bit of a hard didn't know how to identify red meat after all these years!

  4. I'm sure it is trying at times living where the summers you get invaded...but such a beautiful place to live. We visited the Maine coast in 2006.... Loved it!!

  5. Gee it is only breakfast here and now I want clams. I use to go to a favorite local place in Half Moon Bay in CA called Barbara's Fish Trap right on the water just a little dive but oh those steamed clams. I can still smell and taste them. Lovely area Stephanie.

  6. cute post, I know about not being 'from somewhere' after years of living there not 25 but 14...We eat an inordinate amount of clams and mussels here with the obligatory huge bowl of french fries.Your photos are great.I do love that carved statue!

  7. Red Eats is a great place to eat ... we went there on our 1st trip to Maine back in the early 2000s. i love it. Maine is a great state - hope to go again soon. always love it there.

    have a good weekend. ( :

  8. I live in a resort town too. It's teeming with visitors this weekend. (And we don't even have lobster rolls!)

  9. We live in a tourist/beach kind of town as well. I look forward to September when they all go away. I would say that was a great place for a lobster roll.

  10. I am a native Mainiac.. aka Mainah. :) My husband and i live in Oregon now, but both spent the first 30 years of our lives in Maine. Myself in Pittsfield, and hubby in Dover Foxcroft. (South central small towns.. not coastal communities.) I miss it there, but we'll be back this summer (summah) to visit family. And eat lots of lobstah, fish chowdah, and clams.) I'll have my fill for the next year or so. Isn't Route One traffic FUN?? lol

    1. I know Pittsfield. My husband went to MCI. He's a native.

    2. What year did he graduate? I graduated from there in '81. :). And i can't believe you've heard of that little town. It's a small world indeed!

  11. Awesome pictures! I'm not a lover of fish or most seafoods. I do like lobster with an r, (lol), as long as someone else fights with it. By the time I get stuff out of the shell it's cold. I like it all prepared for me. Your banner with old time bathing beauty if adorable!

    Thanks for your visit.