Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We may have seen the end of winter.  The days are starting to get a little warmer and the snow is almost gone.  Our first prompt this week is OUTSIDE and even though weather is getting better it is still pretty drab looking out there. 

OUTSIDE -  We did have some rain  early this week and this is what it looked like outside.

CHATTERBOX -  there's a lot of chatter coming out of this box.

COMFORT -  as in comfort food.  Tapioca pudding seems like an "old-fashion" dessert and reminds me of the "good old days".

IN THE KITCHEN -  the tapioca pudding was in my kitchen but I had to go to someone else's kitchen for this shot.

TREES -  Nothing budding or blooming around here but there are a lot of broken branches and fallen trees.  The winter was pretty tough on them.  One of my neighbors is turning his empty acreage into the forest of the future.  He has planted hundreds of these little tree.

That's it for this week.  Please stop by Scavenger Hunt Sunday and visit with the other participants.


  1. Great tree post!! I like tapioca also. But I like rice pudding better.

  2. Great take on chatterbox! Love your finds this week!

  3. Lovely bokeh on that rain shot!
    Your chatterbox is so cool!
    What a wonderful series this week.

  4. I like that rainy day shot-even though I don't like rain. Wasn't it crazy cold here this week? I'm hoping by next weekend ALL the snow will be gone. Fun twist on Chatterbox.

  5. Your shot of tapioca made my mouth water. That radio looks ancient.

  6. Nice set. - I hear you on the rain because now after a week of gorgeous weather we are having rainy weather.
    Loved your Tree shot - Perhaps it's a Christmas tree farm in the making.
    Good shot for Chatterbox, that is a cool looking old radio.

  7. Wonderful series of shots!
    I love your outside shot and that vintage radio for chatterbox!!

  8. Tapioca pudding takes me back to my childhood - a common dessert in those days, something my kids wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Enjoyed the tree shot as well as the rainy window (had a lot of those ourselves) - but I just love that vintage radio.

  9. I really love your chatterbox shot. It is so cool! I also enjoyed the rows of trees and your rainy outside shot.

  10. I like the tree picture.

    We got a little much needed rain this weekend. So glad to have the dust settle a bit.