Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Sunday - the Irish edition.

This week's prompts are:

      Lucky        Irish        Daylight          Pot of Gold             Clover

The week flew by and by Saturday I had nothing for this week.  With so many errands to run on Saturday I decided to skip this week.  On my way home late Saturday evening I made a quick stop in the grocery store and there were my hunt items.  No camera in hand so I had to rely on the iphone.

Lucky -  a pile of Lucky Charms was right at the entrance.

Irish   -   Next to the cereal was the stack of Irish beer.  I had to work around the group of college kids pondering this purchase.

In our state you are not able to purchase liquor before noon on Sunday.  I guess this is a hardship on St. Patrick's Day so our state government swung into action and passed a bill allowing liquor to be purchased starting at 6:00 AM today and on every St. Patrick's Day in the future which falls on a Sunday.

We weren't expecting snow so it was a surprise  at DAYLIGHT Saturday morning to see a light covering of snow.  Fortunately there wasn't enough to shovel and it disappeared quickly.

Pot of Gold  -  You'll have to find it yourself.  I had to dig in the archives for this one.

Clover -  These plants were for sale at the grocery store and yet I spend money every year trying to rid my lawn of it. 

So,  Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  Please visit the others at Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Do you live in MA? I love going into the trader joe's on sunday morning before noon and watching people just wait by the wine section! Love the double rainbows!

  2. Oh wow what a great collection! Lucky charms aren't sold over here, they look good. I love the double rainbow and 'daylight' is very pretty x

  3. Nice post, you scrambled very well. I love your rainbow shot!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  4. What a beautiful rainbow and a double one at that! I thought of Lucky Charms too when I saw this list, but I don't think I can buy them here in England without going to a specialty shop.

  5. Ahhhh....Lucky Charms - they're magically delicious! You think you have it hard with the alcohol? Try living in PA where you have to go to special stores to buy any. What a hard life we live ;)

  6. Nuthin' like the grocery to bail you out. Gorgeous rainbows, but my fave is that dunes shot-even with the damn snow. Melt on I say.

  7. Great shots, Stephanie - love Daylight!

  8. Happy St Patrick's Day! The kids had Lucky Charms for breakfast but we don't have the Limited Edition boxes in Canada.

  9. Good job with the Lucky Charms....and the Guiness beer...I didn't think of either.

  10. Ah Lucky Charms....Yum!
    Your Daylight and Pot of Gold shots are my favorites. Both are lovely.

  11. I love the boxes of green; but what happened to our era Magically Deliciious leprechaun?!? Oh dear...