Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Finally, a weekend without snowfall.  We did have our share of snow during the week but Saturday was warm and sunny and gee, it felt good.

I pondered the hunt prompts for most of the week and wasn't getting any inspiration.  It did cross my mind to skip this week but I hated to give up.  So at the last minute I managed to put five photos together. 

1.  FIVE just happens to be the first prompt for today, and that's how many guys it takes to open a burger joint in town.

2.  The WORD of the DAY -  for me it is Bibelot.  Why did I chose that word?  Because I was working on an assignment for my Beyond Beyond class with Kim Klassen and Bibelots were the subject of my photo assignment.

bi·be·lot (bb-l, b-bl) n.

A small decorative object; a trinket.


A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.


He must really love her if he's sharing bread with her.  All the other ducks would grab a piece and make sure nobody else took it from them.

4.  WIGGLE -  no cute kids or dogs around to wiggle for me today.  So in desperation I went to my favorite beach spot where the fence wiggles its way through the snow.

wiggle:  to proceed with or as if with twisting and turning movements

5.  COOKIES -  My first thought here was I should bake some cookies.  But realistically, that wasn't going to happen.  If I did I would have to eat them all.  Second thought was to find some Girl Scouts selling their cookies.  That didn't happen either.  So I made the ultimate sacrifice for the hunt and bought a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Toffee Crunch cookie.  Yes,  all that in one big cookie.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Join Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday for some fun photos.


  1. That cookie looks amazing! Glad you had a snow free week, we got slammed again!

  2. Ahhh arf! Another cookie! Oh why did Ashley included that in the hunt!

  3. Neat set of pictures. Neat pict and edit of the book and tulip. Your fence picture is awesome.

  4. I'm so glad you selected that Word of the Day....I learned something new AND get to enjoy your beautiful photo! Nice set!

  5. Well I learned a new word. I hope that it is Scrabble legal. And I appreciate you having to eat a cookie for your post. The suffering we do for our art!

  6. I had the same impression for most of the week - not feeling the love for these words. I also had the same conclusion - never give up the ship, NEVER! Now this is where it really gets weird. I found myself looking through my archives for those pictures I took at 5 Guys. No kidding! not one had #5 in it. I think you did brilliant with the words.

  7. Terrific shots for the prompts! I happened to use bibelot for my word of the day, too. Great minds!!

  8. Oh wow...your "wiggle" shot is my fav this week. So beautiful!

  9. I'm just sitting down for a cuppa tea - I'd like a piece of that cookie. Love your "wiggling" fence. or snow "wiggling" through the fence slats. Never tasted a Five Guys burger. Must find someplace to buy one... have a fabulous week.

  10. Yum...Five Guys. :) I love that shot of the snow, Stephanie!

  11. What a beautiful picture of Bibelots...was that the word? lol I never even heard that word before...but I love the picture that goes with it. And the ducks....sharing sweet! We just had a Five Guys open here about a year ago...never eaten there yet. That cookie sounds sinful!

  12. Great shots, Stephanie - love Wiggle!