Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This was a week of procrastination for finding my hunt submissions.  Nothing seemed to be coming to mind.  By Saturday I really had to hustle .  So let's get to it.

1. Time to Eat -   this is one of the best sandwiches ever!  It's a pastrami panini - but with a special added touch of sliced green apples and cheese.  Really yummy. 

2.  Getting Ready -  I'm getting ready to do a few art projects so I treated myself to some new paint.

3.  Playtime -  I had my fortune told this week.  It appears there will be good fortune and happiness although there is a broken mirror card pretty close by.

4.  Sweet Dream  -  the recipe for sweet dreams is a good book and a cup of soothing nighttime tea.

5.  Scrub A Dub -  in between snow storms I gave my car a well deserved beauty treatment.  The road salt really did a number on her.  More snow on the way today so we'll have to do this again soon.


That pretty much does it for this week.  Please stop by Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday to see what others have found.


  1. The fortune cards are amazing! Love the car wash shot, too!

  2. Loving that car wash shot - how fun!

  3. Oh yes, that sandwich looks mighty tasty...have fun with your new painting project. It's always fun to buy some new art stuff. And yes, I definitely need a car wash, my car is filthy after a trip and snow!! Happy Week!!

  4. I just love what you came up with for this week. That sandwich looks so yummy.


  5. I forgot about "scru a dub" car wash, even tho' I go there. Glad to see some one else takes pics from inside. I'm not as strange as I thought.
    Glad your fortune came out positive. The last (and first and only) time my cards were read, they kept coming up upside down-that ain't a good sign. Topsy turvey I guess. Hang on thru the snow.

  6. Stephanie,
    Apples are really good on sandwiches! Hope you have fun with your new projects. New paint helps with inspiration. Yea for a good fortune and prediction of happiness. Love your car wash idea for scrub-a-dub!

  7. I love pastrami, so your sandwich had me nearly drooling!
    Your scrub a dub car wash was perfect for the prompt, too!

  8. That sandwich looks yummy! Love the car wash photo too! Looks like something I would do while my kids were groaning about me taking pictures of everything. :)

  9. These are all soooo creative! Really love the first and last.

  10. What great interpretations- great job!