Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we are, ready to start a new year of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  We are starting this week's hunt with BREAKFAST - the most important meal of the day (so I've heard) ,  As long as there's coffee that's all that matters.

2.  Multi-Colored  -  not a good choice for breakfast but these old-time candy bars sure are multi-colored.  There was once a day when they only cost a nickel.

3.  Roll  -  On New Year's Day we took a trip to the city and did a little window shopping.  In one display the pretty woolen scarves were rolled up.


4.  The Letter "C" -  We walked by this office building where the designer seemed to be partial to columns.  The entrance had more columns than all the old Greek temples combined.

5.  Future -   "In the bright future you can't forget the past".  (Bob Marley)

Here the past is the old John Hancock building, its 26 stories once the tallest building in Boston, is reflected in the future - the new John Hancock building -  much bigger and all shiny glass,

The new building 's angle distorts the image sort of like a fun house mirror.

So that's this week's hunt.  Fun, as always.  Check out the rest of the Scavengers at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Great set! I love your breakfast shot!

  2. ...and I like the 'house mirror' reflection. Good thing I wasn't with you window shopping tho, I'd definitely have to go inside to check out the scarves. And the 'old time candy'...I haven't had a big hunk in ages...used to be a favorite of mine. I haven't seen any of them around here since I don't know when.

  3. Love that old coffee pot in your first shot and the reflection shot is brilliant!! Happy Week!!

  4. Those columns were, obviously, put there so you'd have the perfect subject for Starts with the letter "C" for your scavenger hunt! I love the e lines, the colors, the textures.....fascinating.

  5. Reflection shot is great. That's a fun building to play with. A photographers playground.
    For some reason your roll shot isn't showing, you might want to check that out. Looks like you had fun in the city.
    Happy day neighbor.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the last shot. The picture, in and of itself, is amazing but the story behind it (old reflected within the new) is quite sentimental - something that would be beneficially applied to many aspects of life!

  7. Wow! Several people have referenced Bob Marley in their posts! I love your future shot - I think I remember the Hancock building but haven't been to Boston for 6 years now! Step daughter moved from Providence, RI, so we don't get back to the MA area now. Pretty pic of your breakfast - I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning.

  8. Excellent choices - love the percolator coffee pot in your breakfast shot and adore the mirrored building.

  9. Love the columns and reflections!! Gorgeous shots!

  10. Great set. The breakfast shot was so pretty.
    Multi-Colored is very colorful but oh so sad that now these same candy bars cost nearly a dollar a piece!
    Loved the Future shot and reflection.
    Could not see your "roll" shot for some reason.

  11. Great shots - love Breakfast!

  12. Love seeing the Hancock building! I was on the website for Boston site seeing last night reading about the Freedom Trail and walking options!