Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's hunt was a real challenge.  Nothing seemed to pop into mind and by late Saturday I was really stretching on some of the prompts.  But here goes.............

#1  VISION -  I really had no vision on this one but unexpectedly stumbled upon this vision chart during a doctor's visit this week.  I didn't even have my camera so I used my phone.

Later in the week at an antique store I came across  something I liked better for Vision.


Again I was stumped until I visited a friend and met her dog.  Bulldogs are the mascot of the Marines and they were chosen for that honor because they are courageous and STRONG-willed.  So meet Paisley, my friend's bulldog - a fine strong looking dog even though she is wearing one of her outfits which would not pass muster with the Marines.


I was digging in my mother's hope chest this week and took out her wedding gown.  It was neatly wrapped and had been in the hope chest for many years.  I hesitated to unwrap it because I knew it would be difficult to refold the very long train.  I'm glad I took it out because it had a very long row of tiny buttons which took forever to button up.

4.  MAP

Visitors to town usually stop in at the tourist center to pick up a map to guide them around.  Here's my husband acting as a lost  tourist so I could fulfill this prompt.


This was the only one that came easy for me.  Pears -  I love a sweet juicy pear.  I even cut them up and throw them in my salad.  They are also a pretty good subject for still life photos.  I spent a good deal of time digging through all the pears in the store to find the ones with the best color.  Don't those red ones look great?

So that's it for this week .  I'm glad I was able to get them all. By Thursday I was so stumped I was thinking I would have to skip this week.  By Saturday it all started coming together.

I bet the other players have some really great photos this week .  Check them out at Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Love the picture of the pears! The wedding dress buttons are wonderful!

  2. Your picture of pears is BEAUTIFUL. And I Love that your husband played the tourist for you. ;) Of course, any picture of a bulldog will win me over. My son is super into the Marines, and he knows the name of every bulldog mascot they ever had. :)

  3. Your mom's wedding dress - what a true treasure!
    Love your pears - I especially like them on a grilled ham & swiss cheese, sliced very thin. Yum!

  4. The pears is my fave this week. Your husband doesn't need a map to know he's at the beach. He ain't lost at all!

  5. I love your map photo. He looks so natural! lol!

  6. I love that shot of the buttons and the wedding photo.

  7. What a beautiful old wedding gown. Pears are my favorite fruit also

  8. Yay for you! That wedding dress is beautiful, and that's great your husband helped you to fulfill your prompts!

  9. Wonderful set. So glad it came together for you.
    Vision - Both are great for the prompt but I have to agree that one from the antique store is pretty cool.
    Strong - What a cutie.
    Buttons - What a fabulous shot and I loved seeing the wedding photo of your mom too.
    Map - Ah your husband was sweet to help you out. He did a fine job.
    Favorite Fruit - So yummy and yes that red color is wonderful.

  10. I love that "vision" shot. Very unique.
    Gorgeous dress for "buttons" I adore the old dresses, they have so much character, even if it was time consuming to button them up. :)

  11. Love the antique eye-glass sign, your mother's dress is magnificent and how adorable is it that your husband humored you by posing with a map. Pears look better than anything I've seen locally - love 'em.

  12. love the wedding dress shot... and the glasses are fabulous! ;)happy Thanksgiving!