Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello fellow scavengers.  Hope you all had fun with your prompts this week.


I did a  little communing with nature last weekend up in the mountains of western Pennsylvania.  There Mother Nature graciously dropped 22 inches of snow.


Once upon a time coffee was made in a percolator coffee pot.  It seemed to take forever.  I paired my old pot up with a cup from the 50's. 


I was going to use the coffee cup in the above photo for whimsical but then I came across a chocolate moose - one made of 1700 pounds of the finest milk chocolate.  Now that's a hunk of chocolate.  Try taking a bite of those antlers.  He's living at a local candy store.


That's something I don't do a lot of.   On the way home from Pennsylvania we stopped in a New York deli and picked up some chicken soup with matzoh balls.  That's something you don't get up here in Maine and not something I'm about to make.  But I am pretty good at heating it up.  It sure is good on a cold stormy day.


I considered this my best because it was the hardest to get.  Ot was shot at the marsh where there was a pipe sticking out of the water.

That's it for this week.  Make sure you check out the rest of the hunt at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Nature is just amazing!! Wow!

  2. Fun set! Nature is beautiful, and I really love that chocolate moose!

  3. now that is what I call a serious chocolate stash. love your vintage pot and whimsical tea cup.

  4. Oh my goodness, love that moose. I love your best shot...did you focus manually for that one? Spider webs are difficult for me. And you live in Maine? How did I miss that? I am originally from Maine. Portland/Falmouth area. :) I so miss it. Lobster....Italians (pretty much the best food on earth)....steamers (that have necks!!!). Hmmm...I sound rather gluttonous don't I? :) Have a wonderful week!!!!!

  5. Stephanie, All your finds are so creative - I felt like I was back in my home state of PA (now live in CO). Wouldn't mind a hunk of that moose! Your last shot is amazing.

  6. Snow. Yuck. PA can keep it. I really like that last image-well spotted and captured. I can't imagine a chocolate moose that big. I wonder how they keep the ants away. That's the problem, I wonder too much.

  7. Nice shots, Stephanie - love Vintage!

  8. Oh that snow is beautiful. It's still warm and windy here with no snow in sight. That's a heap of chocolate...but I feel I could tackle it!!

  9. Your set is wonderful.
    Nature - Oh that is beautiful. I like it best when it's up in the mountains and not in town.
    Vintage - What a cool cup and it worked well with your perculator coffee pot.
    Whimsical- That's a lot of chocolate moose!
    Weeks Best - Cool!