Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Hunt

Another week .....Another hunt.....

Here we go a-scavenging and out first prompt is WATER FLOWING.  I just happened to have  a few pictures taken this past week of water flowing because it was an assignment in the photography class I have been taking.  We  were to experiment with our camera settings to capture the moving water.

Prompt #2 is FAITHFULNESS.

My photo is of a place where the Faithful would gather,

Prompt #3  THEN and NOW

As a teenager I often wore penny loafers (who even remembers those?).  Instead of of a penny we would put dimes in them in case we had to make that emergency phone call.  Don't have to carry those dimes any more.  Good thing because I don't have penny loafers any longer.  You rarely see pay phones these days too.

Prompt #4 is FINGERTIPS

If I had time to get a manicure I would show you mine but that's not going to happen. So let me introduce you to my husband who is gripping his lunch with his fingertips.  He's having a BLT wrap and I must say those fries were super good.

For the last prompt we had a choice of prompts from a list of fall activities.  I thought about carving a pumpkin but never got around to it.  Instead I'll show you my neighbor's pumpkins.

Some people really go all out for Halloween.  Who can compete with that?  Instead I went over to Dunkin Donuts and got a Pumpkin Latte.  So much easier and not as messy as carving a pumpkin.

Notice that my latte was missing the fancy decorative squiggles as seen in their poster advertisement.

So that's a wrap for this week's hunt.  I am off to check out the rest of the hunters.  Come along with me to  Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love your Faithfulness picture. Such a beautiful little church.

    Herding Cats

  2. Great then and now!

  3. I love the church and your neighbors pumpkins, awesome!

  4. Great shots! The water flowing is amazing! And so creative for then and now!

  5. These are all terrific. The church so reminds me of smaller churches from where I grew up. Great set.

  6. Those coffee shots could be then and now-then while the pic was taken there were squiggles and now....not so much.
    Those pumpkins are out of control. My fave shot is the church. That came out really nicely. Have a nice yet rainy day. Go Pats!

  7. The Then and Now shots made me giggle. Definitely a huge difference to how we grew up! Things have changed so incredibly fast!

    Also - your neighbors house? WOW. I can't believe they carved all of those...and the decorations! Sheesh...I wouldn't try to compete either!

  8. Great water shot! Boy, you have some neighbors - do they have a haunted house also?

  9. Your water shot is wonderful it looks like cascading lace falling to the ground. Who doesn't love a good shot of country church?

  10. Love the water shot its very nicely done. I love how you interpreted then and now. Its crazy how fast things have changed. You hardly see a payphone around here anywhere.

  11. I don't think I have EVER seen so many pumpkins at any one home before! Sad to say, I DO remember penny loafers. ;)

  12. I very much like your interpretation of then and now, and the pumpkins are great!

  13. Loved your set.
    Oh my gosh those Pumpkins at your neighbors house are awesome!
    Great Then and Now shot.
    My favorite is your Faithfulness shot.