Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Light the Way

Tuesday - a day for working with textures and tones.

I took this photo of a light on an old building in town and chose to use it because the building already had great texture and tone with its chippy, peeling paint. 

I didn't do much editing since there was already a lot of texture in the chippy old paint.  I did add Kim Klassen's texture Urban.

To view more artistic photo work visit Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe and
Tones on Tuesday.


  1. I'm all about the texture. :0)

  2. Gorgeous lamp and I love all the natural textures in the wood and peeling paint. The added texture works beautifully too, really adds to the aged feel.

  3. I just love this type of photo....all the wonderful natural textures...just exquisite.

  4. cool! love your new profile picture of YOUR CAMERA! Silly girl, you run and YOU CAN HIDE!

  5. Neat texture choice, Stephanie. Old lamps are very neat and artistic. I also like the pealing paint on the building. Character.

  6. an all senses sensational, Stephanie. you've quite an eye...