Thursday, October 18, 2012


To reinforce my commitment to improve my camera skills I signed up for some classes at the Adult Ed center.  So far I have learned the settings of my camera and have vowed not to shoot on Auto anymore.  The class is now working on composition.  There are homework assignments so I have been out and about town taking lots of pictures.

I have noticed a lot more things around town now that I am intently looking for photo ops all the time.  It has made driving a bit more hazardous although I'm driving a lot slower.  Good thing I live in a small town with lots of back roads and not a  lot of traffic.  I've made a lot of U-turns this week because something caught my eye.

Yesterday it was a field of fluff.  At least it looked like fluff  but it was actually a field of open milkweed pods - softly blowing in the wind.

I took this photo late in the day when the setting sun cast a golden glow .  It would fit the prompt of Golden for Bella's 52 Photo Project this week.

I stopped by this field a few times -  early and late for different degrees of light and shade.  Here a few of my favorite photos.

Staying focused,


  1. I love all of them - beautifully captured.

  2. I love these! Great captures for the theme!

  3. How beautiful, and finding gold in something that evanscent is just perfect!

  4. Stephanie! How beautiful. My friend gave me a pod like this to make a wish with at a sea retreat last week. I made my wish and let the fluffy bits fly onto the ocean waters. Thank you for sharing.