Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Changed City

One of my goals this year was to take more pictures. 

I must confess that since I got my camera two years ago I have only shot on Automatic.  I really didn't know how to use all the other settings .  So I signed up for a camera course.  It's only been two classes so far but I have been trying out all the settings.  We have homework assignments in this class and are encouraged to get out and practice.

So today I thought I would head out to a nearby city and do a little exploring.  I visited a city once known for its textile mills.  City blocks of brick buildings dominated the downtown and drove the economy.

Most of the old mill buildings border the river that runs out to the ocean.  In the early days the machines were operated with this water power and water ran through man made canals in the sub-basements of the mills.

The old rusty bridge which once connected the mills still stands.

The mills began production in the  1800's.  One of the strongest companies was Pepperell which produced sheets and blankets.  They later became West Point Home .  These names may be familiar to you as their products are in stores today.  After textile production ceased they produced the Vellux blanket.  Perhaps you have one.  Production in these mills ceased about 2 years ago.

Years ago when the mills were flourishing this large clock tower sat high on top.  Now it sits in a broken heap surrounded by a fence ready to topple over at any moment,

The clock bells would summon the workers to the mills.

Working conditions in the mill were tough and the hours long.  In some buildings windows were not allowed to be opened.   Humidity was needed for the cloth to prevent the threads from breaking on the loom.  Perhaps that is why some buildings had these strange shaped windows.

Today the mills are being refurbished.  There are apartments, art studios,  auction houses, a vintage auto business,  and restaurants.  Little by little the area is becoming alive again.

Wednesday is Walk and Click day and I'm a little late.


  1. I love hearing the history attached to the photo! An amazing photo and bell.

  2. Stephanie, this was so interesting! You do a great job of integrating history and images. I hope the clock tower is refurbished. It looks like it was quite the beauty in its day. Thanks so much for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

  3. Great shots! So interesting to think about this mill when it was in its glory!